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  • D - Hobbyist, Filmographer | DeviantArtrud14

    DeviantArt user profile and gallery of fan-made games and resources

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  • Pony Fiction Archive

    PFA, the original Friendship is Magic fan fiction archive! Please note that while the site is up and running and will stay that way indefinitely, its backend is no longer under active development and we are no longer accepting new story submissions or user registrations.

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    PFA, the original Friendship is Magic fan fiction archive! Please note that while the site is up and running and will stay that way indefinitely, its backend is no longer under active development and we are no longer accepting new story submissions or user registrations.

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    A site for Foalcon.

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  • Scout Feather

    ScoutFeather Author Page on FimFic Foal.Party:

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  • Pestil

    This is Pestil's Inkbunny page.

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  • My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game Wiki

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    Link and info site about pony image booru sites.

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  • The Ponies

    The Ponies is an in-development game "aiming to create a Sims style game, but with ponies"

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  • Legends of Equestria

    A free-to-play MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), available to play right now in Open Access! Our in-development game is full of adventures, magic, and small horses. You will be able to fly, dance, play with pets, and more with friends or by yourself. There's even a whole community of friends over at our forums!

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  • Ponybooru

    Image site built to be less restrictive than Derpi.

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  • Poniverse API

    Our API lets you use Poniverse accounts to log users into your own app and interact with!

  • API - Derpibooru

    Derpibooru provides a JSON API for major site functionality, which can be freely used by anyone wanting to produce tools for the site or other web applications that use the data provided within Derpibooru.

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  • Brony Mate is a unique dating online community and social networking site for fans of the My Little Pony cartoon. Meet your perfect match, make new friends, and stay connected with members in your area and around the world - photos, chat, and more.

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  • Marenheit451 Art Pack

    Link to a charity donation pack.

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  • Canterlot Avenue

    A Poniverse Community Canterlot Avenue is designed to be a roleplay website for the fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It also serves as a place to make new friends, socialize and participate in community events and much more. Join us today!

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  • /mlp/

    /mlp/ is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, all MLP content, Filly Funtasia, Them's Fightin' Herds.

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  • Fimfiction

    Fic site, lol. v2

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  • Hoof Sounds - Listen to pony radio stations 24/7!

    Browser add-on/extension/plugin page for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Listen to pony radio stations 24/7!

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  • Equestria Daily

    The brony news website.

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  • SweetieBot

    It's a site dedicate to the SweetieBot opensource robot project.

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  • For Fans By Fans - My Little Pony Fan Forge

    Formerly known as We Love Fine. Hasbro-licensed, fan-designed MLP FiM merchandise.

  • My Little Pony & Equestria Girls

    Official Hasbro website for pony dolls, games, apps, and videos

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  • Drud14 - Hobbyist, Filmographer | DeviantArt

    DeviantArt user profile and gallery of resources and fan-made games

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  • Derpibooru Alternative Threads

    A list of the Derpibooru Alternative Threads.

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  • Crusaders Book Club

    A Discord community for sharing and discussing foalcon fics, loli/shota stories, or similar literature. Explicit loli, cub, and foal images aren't allowed due to Discord's community guidelines, but talking about these is completely allowed (without links), and links to stories are encouraged.

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    A Poniverse community website. The video sharing site for ponies. Share music and videos in real-time Chat with fellow viewers Create your own rooms, complete with 24/7 playlists


  • Updates & New Projects

    Booru Updates

    Alright, so some of you probably noticed I stopped the imports for the booru a while ago. Originally, the intent was to just stop using Philomena all-together and make my own booru, but some other projects have taken my attention that I think are going to be far more interesting to everyone involved anyway. There's at least half a dozen other boorus out there with complete collections of Derpi's data, so I don't need to be the 7th.

    I'll leave Bronybooru up regardless, 'cause since it sees so little use anyway, it hardly affects my server usage anyway. But I'm not going to be continuing the import on Philomena. Once I've completed my other projects, and I have time to work on my own booru alternative, I'll import all the old Philomena stats and accounts and get back to it.

    Other Projects

    And yes, I did mention other projects. I'm not gonna talk too heavily about them at this time, but I should be ready to release some examples and samples sometime next month I think.

    But yeah. Just wanted to update you guys on things incase anyone was curious.

  • New API and Updates

    Haven't really checked in with you guys in a while, so I figured it'd be as good a time as any. Just wanted you let you guys know that I just deployed a new developer tool to the site under, it's a little barebones right now, but it works fairly well for what it is. It collects post results from all of the major pony boorus' APIs, and sends them all back in one response to you guys.

    Now I have some things I'd like to implement down the line for this API. One of them being cacheing, another being the ability to set your search size, as currently it's just using the defaults. And I would like to try and have it do automatic dupe catching for the results.all property, but for the time being, it does what I intended it to do for the most part.

    Until I implement cacheing, I'd just make the request of you guys to keep the number of your requests reasonable, as to not get me in trouble for request spamming every single other booru at once, but feel free to use this tool for anything you can imagine. Just let me know what you make with it, I'd love to see what you guys can think up.

    These features and bugfixes will be added over time, along with a dashboard here on Bronyhub with a search that will return image results from all of the boorus on one page. In the meantime,  if you notice anything I didn't state above, or if you have any ideas you'd love to see implemented, join the Bronyhub Discord and send me a PM about it and I'll let you know what I think about your feedback(Like whether it's doable, if I can do it immediately or later, or if I don't plan to ever do it, etc).

    In other news, the Derpibooru Import has reached 32%. Once this big import is done, the following imports will take far less time to finish, as they're all gonna build off this one. The next step is scraping The Pony Archive for every Derpibooru ID that failed to get for some reason, and then double-checking the tags from the deleted posts on Derpi, and cross referencing the tags on Ponybooru, as I believe they have the same IDs as Derpi(don't quote me on that, that's just something I heard), but I'm unsure if it'll be necessary.

    After that, it'll be an initial import for all the major boorus that have public APIs, which will take far less time as most of them have "imported from derpibooru" tags or something like that, and then all I have to do is set up maintaining scripts to keep everything up to date. At that point the booru should be completely filled with everything I intend it to be filled with.

    Timeline? Hm. That's a tough one. I'm personally thinking sometime in June of 2021 is when the booru will be completely up to date with all the other boorus, but only time will tell. I intend to continue working on the site as much as I can aside from the booru, but I've had some stuff in my life come up that's prevented any major site updates, like the hub page revision that I already have planned out on paper(seriously, this place is gonna look a lot better than this, trust me).

    Some things that will come with said revision is a user system implemented here on the hub site. No more giving your email for every page you submit. And speaking of the page system, that's gonna see a revamp to make it operate more like a booru, where you guys can assign the tags and the category system should be phased out I think. Though I might keep it if I think it'll help with organization, and just make it optional. Unsure yet.

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you guys know what all has been happening since I last made an update. No I haven't abandoned the project, I'm just not a very talkative public speaker. If anyone would like to volunteer to help me with doing like, monthly updates or something, feel free to send an email or DM me on Discord your writing "resume" basically.


  • Things to Come...

    Just to be clear, this isn't the finished site! This is just the beginning. We intend to replace the Staff page with something cleaner, fill out the missing booru pages and complete the Ban Registry before the big release. If you guys notice any problems, please let us know over on Discord, or by email through the Contact page that you can find in the footer.

  • Welcome to!

    Welcome to! I'll keep working on things for a while, like the pages section I thew together over a couple days, but here it is for now. I have a lot of plans for later, so if it's not up to your quality standards yet, come back in a while. Oh and the logo's simplicity is temporary, I'm planning to flesh it out a bit more later.