Rules and Definitions

Ban Definitions

  • Soft Ban: 1 Month
  • Standard Ban: Lasts 6 Months
  • Hard Ban: 1 Year
  • Harsh Ban: 2 Years
  • “Permanent” Ban: Lasts 50 Years.


Bans of any kind will be recorded and displayed for all to see. If at any point, you feel your ban should have expired, but you still do not have access, please contact staff!

If a rule change has taken place in the last week, and a rule was broken due to that change, the rule breaker will receive a single warning without penalty. Users are expected to check the rules page weekly for minor edits, while major edits will be announced on the home page.

  1. At any time, staff discretion can take over if something is not covered by the rules. If you disagree with staff judgement, bring it up with an Administrator. We keep records of all bans and the reasons behind them, and if you think you were wrongly banned, feel free to contact us on Discord, or send us an email.

  2. All content posted on the site must adhere to the Content Policy found on the About page.

  3. Properly tag content as you post it. If you’re unsure about your tags, tag it with verify-tags and staff will confirm your tags. If the content you’re posting is controversial in a political sense, tag it with political. If it’s sexually explicit, contains gore or other graphic material, and is not tagged appropriately, you will receive a warning. The next time you break this rule, you will be soft banned.

  4. If you disagree with something you see on the booru, filter it out. Complaints about content on the booru will be ignored by staff. If you continue to press on the subject, you will be banned.

  5. Don’t target other site users with content of any kind. We remain impartial in regards to political content, but you will be banned for targeted abuse.

  6. Respect the privacy of others.

Staff Rules

For the sake of transparency, staff rules are available for all to see. Staff, in addition to following standard site rules, have to follow these rules as well. Users are responsible for reporting any misuse of power on the site. If you notice staff not adhering to these rules, please contact us with proof from at least 2 sources; i.e. screenshot, link to the specific account, etc. Reports without proof will be ignored. 

Staff members will receive 3 warnings before being removed from the staff team. However, a severe violation may result in immediate removal.

  1. All bans must have a recorded reason on the Bans page, and must state the username and the services they were banned on. All bans will be posted with proof. If a user contacts staff and their ban is not found, or is missing information in the ban registry, the ban is therefore invalid and will be lifted.

  2. All bans due to Content Policy violations will be marked as such and visual proof of the violation will not be provided, as this will usually contain illegal material. All Content Policy violations will be reviewed by administrators. The staff that submitted the ban and the administrator that verified it will be recorded and displayed. Administrators cannot verify their own bans.

  3. Staff are allowed to have and discuss political opinions, but they do not represent Bronyhub’s views. We, as an entity, have no political views. Bans applied for political views are invalid and will be lifted unless the user is in violation of Site Rule 5.

  4. All brony content is to be preserved according to the content policy . Any post deletions that are not valid according to the content policy are invalid. Please notify the staff if this occurs.