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Site Policies

Content Policy

The Bronyhub.com Booru does not take DNP requests. It is intended to be a permanent archive to all the art the fandom as a whole has made. If an artist wishes to have their name removed from their art, the artist’s tag can be replaced with an anonymous tag that maintains the collection. Under no circumstances will art be removed from the booru, with the exception of prohibited content.

Bronyhub.com does not intend to allow political, religious or racial biases influence the availability of any and all content, regardless of the personal views of the staff.

Any artistic resource used by Bronyhub.com staff for logos, backgrounds, etc., however, is liable and open for removal or accreditation should the artist desire. If you feel we've used your, or another artist’s asset(s) without credit, feel free to contact us. Or if you want it removed, contact us with proof of who you are, and which asset(s) you want removed, and we'll remove it from the site within 5 Business Days to allow for a replacement. If any artists wish to disallow use of their content, please contact us and review our site assets for any discrepancies to include in your request. You will be added to a ‘do not use’ list for staff reference.

Prohibited content

  • Child pornography: any photograph or photorealistic drawing or movie that depicts children in a sexual manner. This includes nudity, explicit sex, implied sex, or sexually persuasive positions.
  • Any depictions of real-life extreme content, including mutilation, bodily distension, feces, etc. are not allowed.

Privacy policy

The Site will not disclose the email or IP address of any user to another user. The only exceptions include staff and law enforcement with a warrant.

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